Season 1 Episode 12


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 22, 1986 on ABC

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  • House of Horrors

    This was the first episode where Mac had a nemisis. And Quale was a good nemesis, a deranged egitistical Merc who is almost as smart as Macgyver is since he has the whole house cleverly booby traped. But like most villans he has two major weaknesses, as Macguyver states he egotistical he likes to hear himself talk a lot. And also despite how clever he is he doesn't think things all the way though (for example: why the heck didn't he think of placeing a booby trap in the one area where he's most vunerable?). This episode though isn't perfect there are a couple of flaws that held it back for me, one of them was the resolution to the deadly game. It just seemed way too obvious (you might as well paint a bulleye in that room). But then again it works every time so I can't complain that much about it. But the one thing I didn't like the most was the character Carol who was a poor character and bad signifant other factor for Macgyver, I just didn't find her believable as an agent nor a person to feel much sympathy for due to how dumb and overly melodramatic she can be in the episode. This factor should have been handled better or may'be just recast her part. But despite this everything else is fine.

    This was like a Batman vs. The Riddler/Joker like sittuation, what I loved what he thought of to outwit Quailes booby traps. Like turning an ordinary serving cart into an R.C. car to act as a decoy for the automatic guns, clever. And I just knew he would catch on to who the traitor in his group is (theres an old saying, never trust a pritty face). The important thing is not the resolution to the sittuation, it's how Mac gets to it, in a rather intense circumstances that counts.
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