Season 1 Episode 12


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 22, 1986 on ABC

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  • More people watched this MacGyver episode than any other....

    9.1 least in its original airing. Following the momentum from the brilliant episode "Nightmares" and the successful transition to Wednesday night, MacGyver made out like gangbusters when slot victor "Highway to Heaven" took the week off, catapulting MacGyver to a 17.7 rating and helping him win his time slot for the first time. The episode kicked off with flare with the coffin-turned-into-jet-ski opening gambit, which was sadly the last opening gambit the series would feature. The main story began very strongly with the booby-trapped mansion and the over-the-top revenge-bent villain Quail convincing his criminal overlords to give him another chance to capture MacGyver in that very cool opening scene. And while I wasn't necessarily disappointed in the direction the show went from there, it did seem to lose narrative momentum after MacGyver's escape via suit of armor with an egg-beater motor fooling the machine guns on motion detectors. "Bimbo of the week" Karen was a poor character across the board and served as a needless distraction to the underlying excitement...and the escapes became less inspired in the final half, particularly the "baking soda bomb" that disabled the indoor motion detector. The ending, with the spaghetti wire/water cannon trap, was also less than awe-inspiring compared to the niftier things he did in those early episodes. Nonetheless, a compelling episode that would help secure the series' ongoing momentum.
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