Season 1 Episode 12


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 22, 1986 on ABC

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  • A well-acted villain but idiotic is the highlight of this episode.

    In "Deathlock", MacGyver faces his first well-developed nemesis, Quayle, who is played well in an over-the-top manner by Christopher Neame. A nice scene at the beginning the episode shows Quayle receiving orders from his superiors in a dark room. The audience learns that he once failed to kill MacGyver and was "punished" but has been given him another chance. He now must eliminate MacGyver or be eliminated himself. It's a well-done scene, directed nicely by Cliff Bole, and it for once shows the audience something about the man who's after MacGyver.

    The rest of the episode features MacGyver and several co-workers stranded in a safehouse that has been taken over and booby-trapped by Quayle. Overall the episode plays out very much like a James Bond film. And, like a James Bond film, the villain demonstrates himself to be a fool by passing up several opportunities to take down the hero. Instead of emerging from his control room to kill MacGyver once he realises that MacGyver can overcome his traps, Quayle simply remains there and becomes angrier and angrier throughout the episode, letting MacGyver outsmart him by setting a trap of his own.

    It's a shame that the first villain to be given some degree of dimensionality on MacGyver had to prove such a dolt to accommodate the plot.