Season 2 Episode 8


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 17, 1986 on ABC

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  • pretty good episode

    MacGyver goes into the mountains to find some rare brown eagles nest so he can watch the eggs and make sure they're safe. Unfortunately, before he finds the eggs some hunters shoot the female eagle. MacGyver then finds the eagle and tries to nurse it back to health with the help of a woman and her son close by. In the end, the hunters come looking of Mac and cause trouble. MacGyver stops them, but the female eagle dies. Mac follows the male bird and finds the eggs and saves them. Overall, it's an interesting story, but it's not the best.
  • Nice change of pace but not without flaws.

    "Eagles" is an episode that always evokes mixed reactions among MacGyver fans. Like "Thief of Budapest" and "Trumbo's World" from season one, this episode requires the use of an embarrassing amount of cheesy stock footage. While the production holds up fairly well in the filmed footage, the overall transfer was often unconvincing, particularly when considering how MacGyver appeared to be wearing a different set of clothes every time the hang glider/mountain climer was shown. Furthermore, the poacher villains were one-dimensional thugs that were way over-the-top to sufficiently dovetail with this episode's main story. The kid (Darrin) was too annoying to develop a strong connection with, and the love-hate relationship with his mother was also insufficiently realized. On the plus side, the story was a nice change of pace, and even the staunchest critics of MacGyver episodes that shook up the formula such as this one did would have to confess that it was those frequent deviations that kept the series interesting to viewers for as long as it did. Beyond that, using a bike, ball bearings, a grindstone, and a propane tank to blow up a barn late in the episode has to qualify as one of the coolest MacGyverisms of all.