Season 4 Episode 17

Easy Target

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 01, 1989 on ABC

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  • Macguyver's Best Episode

    Ok, so I'm biased. I lived 200 metres up the street from the "Iron Mountain Convenience" store featured in the episode, and as a 4 year old kid I have a flashbulb memory of a gigantic semi truck with a "laser" making a wrong turn down my driveway and my dad having to go out to help them back it up...

    But besides the nostalgia, as a Macguyver fan I think this is the single best episode. Less "silly" than many others, it is an episode that feels like a movie. Serious, dark, with high stakes. Macguyver's not helping some kid stand up to bullies or something, these are true terrorists that cannot be reasoned with, only defeated. It's also notable as an episode where Macguyver preforms a number of tricks vs. the 1-2 he usually pulls in an episode beyond the first season.

    A great showing of my Vancouver suburb, and it shows as the best episode with the Macguyver as originally intended. I've seen/own every episode, this is #1.
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