Season 1 Episode 16

Every Time She Smiles

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 19, 1986 on ABC

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  • One of those episodes that I appreciate more with additional viewings.

    The more I watch this episode, the more I appreciate its elaborately crafted storyline from season one's best scriptwriter James Schmerer. The abundance of clever escapes via airport baggage conveyor, merry-go-round, and heavily-guarded apartment buildings also added to the excitement with MacGyverisms aplenty. The abundance of Cold War-era spyjinks (and the setting in Communist Bulgaria) also lent some genuine 80's atmosphere to the plot. I have mixed feelings on the introduction of Penny Parker, however. She's the ultimate "bimbo of the week" in many ways, but Teri Hatcher played the role with a memorable energy not seen by the likes of other recent "bimbos", such as Amy Austin or Karen from "Deathlock". Also, I must admit I didn't get the ending. Was it meant to imply that Penny is such a tramp that she's had her way with the Greek border guard? It would have been helpful to have had some narrative clarification leading up to that epilogue revelation. Otherwise, a strong episode with a rising stock for me.
  • MacGyver has a secret microfilm that he got from Bulgaria and meets a young american female, Penny Parker. She has some jewelery that is very important to some important people and plants it on MacGyver, now MacGyver and Penny are on the run from the Bul

    I quite like this episode as it involves Teri Hatcher as Penny Parker, an innocent and attractive young model who is on the run from her Bulgarian lover and meets MacGyver in line at the airport. As soon as MacGyver meets Penny, she is nothing but trouble.

    MacGyver uses good skills to get out of some quick jams. It's pretty funny that all the ingredients are there ready fo him to use...
    for example, to create a delay in the kitchen at Stephan's apartment and alsothe escape in the holding room at the airport, to get to the conveyor belt.

    Overall, I did enjoy the episode and like seeing MacGyver come up with some good creations that he does in this episode.