Season 1 Episode 16

Every Time She Smiles

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 19, 1986 on ABC



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    • MacGyver: How did you get out of the place?
      Penny: Well, I went to the ladies room and climbed out the window.
      MacGyver: Of course you did. Why do I ask those questions?

    • MacGyver: Alright, bend these out. we're going to make them into a figure 8.
      Penny: Well, what are you going to do with a figure 8?
      MacGyver: You ever been to a rodeo?
      Penny: Sorta. I was Queen of the Future Farmers once...
      MacGyver: Later, later.

    • Penny: Are you mad at me?
      MacGyver: Why would I be mad at you?
      Penny: Well, you missed your plane.
      MacGyver: Right.
      Penny: They took your luggage. And they think you stole the jewels.
      MacGyver: Yeah, that's right.
      Penny: And they have your passport.
      MacGyver: I almost forgot that one.
      Penny: Well, see, then you should be mad at me.
      MacGyver: Alright, I'm mad at you.
      Penny: Well, you didn't have to tell me that.

    • MacGyver: I'll tell you what's simple. Me! For gettin' into that first conversation with Penny Parker... But what else could I do? I mean, a guy just can't be... rude.

    • Stephan: Are you crazy?
      MacGyver: It's been rumored.

    • Stephan: I have no choice.
      MacGyver: I don't think that's quite true. It's a matter of conscience, Steve. You do have one of those, don't you?
      Penny: I thought he did. Once.

    • Penny: You're not gonna shoot us, are you?
      Stephan: Shoot you? Why? For stealing my car? Destroying my career? Collaborating with a spy? Stealing state secrets?
      MacGyver: Oh, come on, Stephan. You and I both know this has nothing to do with state secrets.

    • Penny: Wait a minute. There's that machine, that they use to plow with.
      MacGyver: A "tractor"?
      Penny: Yeah. They keep it in the shed on the other side of the hill. Don't tractors run on gas?
      MacGyver: (with a sigh) They've been known to.

    • Penny: You know, I really like you. You understand me. We're on the same wavelength.
      MacGyver: Well, that worries me.

    • Anton: There is no way they can get through now, Sir.
      Stephan: There is always a way. We just have to make certain they won't find it.

    • Stephan: Oh, Penny. How did we get ourselves into all this?
      MacGyver: (hiding in the kitchen) My sentiments exactly.

    • MacGyver: I think my luck's startin' to change.

    • MacGyver: Bouncin' around Bulgaria with Penny Parker reminded me of playing dominoes: with every move, something else might fall.

    • Penny: Are you really a spy?
      MacGyver: I'm just... doing a favor for a friend.

    • MacGyver: I know you're not going to believe this, but I haven't the slightest idea where those came from.
      Stephan: You're right. I don't believe you.

    • Stephan: Penny, I love you to distraction.
      Penny: Oh, really. And just yesterday morning you were ready to kill me, just because I smiled at that nice young officer.
      Stephan: Penny, when you smile at the man, it is already the beginning of the end. For the man, I mean.
      Penny: Well, I'm certainly not going to give up smiling just so you won't get upset.

    • Penny: I'm Penny Parker. You can remember that 'cause it's got the same letter at the front of each name. That's important theatrically, you know.
      MacGyver: Oh yeah?
      Penny: Sure! Just think of it. Farrah Fawcett. Tina Turner. Marilyn Monroe?
      MacGyver: Penny Parker?
      Penny: Yeah! You catch on quick.

    • Penny: American?
      MacGyver: Yeah.
      Penny: Oh, you don't know how good it is to see someone from back home. They're all foreigners here.

    • Stephan: You didn't even say goodbye.
      Penny: (sadly) Goodbye.

    • Penny: Penny Parker's not my real name, of course. I had it changed when I started modeling. Really hasn't hurt my dancing career either.

    • MacGyver: I learned something up in the Swiss Alps: I just shouldn't go skiing without a parachute. Kinda busted up my vacation. And my hand.

    • MacGyver: The first time I got to ride on a merry-go-round, I was about six or seven. I'd never seen anything like it. There was a kind of magic. Go to a merry-go-round anywhere in the world and you can see the same look in the kids' eyes. It's magic. It's a shame we have to grow up - and lose it.

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