Season 6 Episode 14

Eye of Osiris

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 04, 1991 on ABC

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  • MacGyver's final epic adventure episode delivers with intelligent writing and astounding production values.

    By this stage of season six, MacGyver needed a shot of adrenaline and "Eye of Osiris" certainly came through. I will grant the critics that this particular episode did tread a little too closely to Indiana Jones "ripoff" territory in places, but the overall story was original enough to make up for the copycat tendencies. The opening action sequence was fun and particularly "Raiders" derivative. A little too much time was spent in talking through the history of the legend, but the details help viewers appreciate the depth of the storytelling better on the second and third times they watch the episode. The actress who played Beth didn't seem like the most charismatic choice, but the actor portraying curmudgeonly Professor Axford was spot-on throughout. Scriptwriter John Sheppard really seems to like resurrecting old characters, so it was kind of a MacGyver reunion to have Erich von Leer's brother and Hakim raising more mischief. There were plenty of thrills throughout the first half, but the episode really takes flight in the second half when they discover Alexander the Great's tomb. The production quality in the tomb scenes was positively astounding, as was the clever writing, including the identification of significance of the "blue eye", the quartz cell used as a window to let light inside the tomb (which was strangely dust-free after two thousand years), and my personal favorite, the use of the four elements working together to open the lock on the tomb. My only grievance was the unrealistic logistics of the tomb. Where did the giant rock shot through the quartz cell from outside come from, for instance? Setting that aside, this was one of the last truly stunning MacGyver episodes with some of the most top-notch writing and production values the show has ever seen.