Season 6 Episode 18

Faith, Hope & Charity

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 18, 1991 on ABC
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Episode Summary

After getting caught in a wolf trap, MacGyver finds himself being cared for by two determined ladies running an isolated bed and breakfast which a mob accountant is using to hide out with his stolen million dollars.

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  • MacGyver channels "Home Alone" in a fun and clever episode that proved this series still had a little energy left.

    Scriptwriter Brad Radnitz was an excellent addition to the writing staff of this series, churning out some of the few memorably good episodes of the last season and a half. This episode was his best, featuring a steady diet of clever escapes and MacGyverisms throughout. Faith and Hope's hospitable demeanor in the scene where they informed MacGyver he'd be staying at the Lacey House for a week was genuinely funny, and the lighthearted mob theme was a comfortable fit for the one of the entire episode. From Leo's "death by hammock", to the revelation of abolitionist-designed tunnels leading from the barn to the house, to MacGyver's various Home Alone-style gauntlets at the episode's end, "Faith, Hope, and Charity" never failed to impress creatively. While Faith and Hope's "scheming grannies" shtick was very well played, their juvenile bickering did get old after awhile. I also have to deduct a couple of points for the bizarre reverse-vacuum bit MacGyver pulled in the vat of blueberry pie filling. Inserting an electric vacuum into a large pot of liquid definitely qualifies as a "don't try this at home, kids" moment, and considering that such a ploy would almost assuredly end in electrocution (and almost assuredly NOT end in being able to spray hot liquid at people), it was actually pretty irresponsible of the series. Nonetheless, the episode was high-energy, clever, and of my favorites of the series' final year (that being 1991, more so than season six).moreless
  • good episode...

    MacGyver steps on a trap while trying to help the grey wolf and two old women stumble upon him and take him to their inn and help him. Then some goons come looking for money and Mac helps the women take the goons down. The story in this episode was interesting, but not original. The idea of goons looking for money is overdone . . . . . however, I liked the addition of the wolf story. I also liked the macgyverisms in this episode. Overall, this episode had an ok story, but had great humor and great action and mystery.moreless
  • This episode of MacGyver, Faith, Hope & Charity was an above average episode, but was hindered by its plot. The fact that MacGyver was injured and he was with too elderly ladies, it was not as action pact as other episodes, though of course, he saves themoreless

    This episode of MacGyver, Faith, Hope & Charity was an above average episode, but was hindered by its plot. The fact that MacGyver was injured and he was with too elderly ladies, it was not as action pact as other episodes, though of course, he saves the day.

    It was a good one to watch, so I would recommend it.

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • The criminals wasted tons of time on doors, eventually setting on crashing a car through a wall, when there was tons of windows that could have been smashed.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • MacGyver: Wait a minute! You can't just bury someone. There are laws. You got to have a death certificate, a burial permit, all kinds of stuff.
      Faith: Oh, poop. Lighten up, MacGyver.

    • Hope: You are something else, Mr. MacGyver.
      Faith: Oh, I wish I were thirty years younger.

    • Gorman: If you cooperate, I promise you nobody gets hurt.
      Hope: Forget it, sucker! You mugs will have to come in and get us. Isn't this exciting?
      MacGyver: Oh yeah.

    • MacGyver: But I would like to know why you didn't tell me about the money.
      Faith: Well, we thought you were such a goodie two-shoes, maybe you'd make us give Leo's money back.

    • Faith: You mean we're trapped?
      MacGyver: Well, in the military, they call it "taking a defensive position."
      Hope: Well, I like that much better.

    • Hope: (to the man tying her up) Ow, shame on you. What would your mother say?
      Faith: What mother? He's the kind of thing you find under a rock.

    • Hope: Mr. MacGyver, you're awake.
      Faith: What are you doing here?
      MacGyver: (looking at Leo's body) What am I doing here? What is Leo doing here?
      Faith: I didn't lie to you. Leo did check out. Permanently.

    • Hope: You poor man. Faith, look, the crutch broke.
      Faith: Well, he shouldn't have been out of bed. (she helps MacGyver up) You hurt your ankle again, didn't you?
      MacGyver: Yes.
      Hope: No wonder the poor man is hallucinating!

  • NOTES (2)

    • Though credited, Dana Elcar does not appear in this episode.

    • The German episode title is "Die Lecey-Sisters". The Finnish episode title is "Kolmistaan kotona", meaning "Home for Three". The French episode title is "Deux vieilles dames charitables", meaning "Two Old, Charitable Ladies". The Italian episode title is "Due arzille vecchiette", meaning "Two Spry, Little Old Ladies".


    • As the bad guys are thwarted during the episode's climax, one of the sisters grabs one of their assailants' guns, points it, and dares, "Go on, punk, make my decade," playing on the "Make my day" catchphrase from the Dirty Harry movies.