Season 2 Episode 12

Family Matter

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 12, 1987 on ABC

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  • Uncharacteristically dark tone and cool setting are somewhat undermined by lackluster villain logic.

    Even as a boy, I remember being taken aback by the dark and occasionally vicious tone of this episode, where Frank's seething hatred towards Pete was expressed in no uncertain terms. The sinister way in which reveled in killing Pete's family while Pete watched was kind of disturbing for a normally lighthearted series (at least in seasons one and two) such as MacGyver. Nonetheless, the Louisiana bayou setting and overall atmosphere were established well, and the scene where the motorboat was nuked by the bazooka featured some fantastic pyrotechnics. The swamp gas bombs contained in bamboo also played out well. Furthermore, Pete's strained relationship with his family was conveyed well, and both Connie and Michael's characters were generally likeable. My biggest disappointment, however, was that Frank's outrage wasn't rooted in a serious grievance. It would have been preferable if an actual mistake on Pete's part had resulted in the tragedy that befell Frank's family, but when Frank told his story, it was abundantly clear that Frank's own malpractice (if not outright treason) resulted in the deaths of his own family....and the fact that he would even think of holding Pete responsible for their deaths seemed far-fetched and unsatisfying. In my opinion, this episode didn't live up to its potential.