Season 2 Episode 5

Final Approach

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 27, 1986 on ABC



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    • MacGyver: Flying a small plane can be fun. It can also be kind of frightening. Now I've always felt the best way to confront a fear of the ocean is to dive right in. So it seemed like the smart way to deal with the fear of flying light planes was to take a train or a bus. Now it's possible the carburetor froze up in this ice storm I was flying through, but that didn't explain why I wasn't getting a decent throttle response. Nor was there any indication as to why the controls felt they were stuck in cement. It did not look good for the home team.

    • Pete: All of this would never happen in a real plane.
      MacGyver: Why do I feel all this has a point? You want me to fly a plane just like that, don't you?
      Pete: No, absolutely not. I would never ask you to do that. You only have to ride in one.

    • MacGyver: All I got to do is find an airport, get them to lay down some foam, and land. That's all.
      Ramon: If you can do what you just did, you could land this thing on the moon.

    • MacGyver: First impressions are very important. And with this group, I knew it'd be critical. So I decided to make a grand entrance... through their noses.

    • Pete: That means that they went down way off course. Doesn't it?
      Search Coordinator: There's a thousand square miles of rough wilderness out there. I'm sorry, it's not very hopeful.
      Pete: You don't know MacGyver.

    • MacGyver: Things started disappearing from lockers; everybody knew it was Andy but nobody could prove it. Then one day I open up mine, and my knife is gone. I knew who did it. So I waited until after school, and I busted his nose.
      Luther: Yeah? But you got your knife back, right?
      MacGyver: That's right. When I got home, it was sittin' on my desk, right where I left it. You sure you got your facts straight, Luther? Think about it.

    • MacGyver: There's a time to be Daniel Boone, and a time to be a plumber. This one called for the latter.

    • Pete: We've really extended the funds on this, so there's very little money involved. I mean, like none.
      MacGyver: Pete, when has that ever stopped me?

    • Gina: Where'd you find him?
      MacGyver: Havin' lunch with a mountain lion.

    • MacGyver: Somebody want to fill me in?
      Ramon: Nothing to fill in. The man's got a problem. We've all got problems. That's life, White Bread.

    • Pete: I had them rig it to give you the worst possible conditions.
      MacGyver: I remember things like this, Thornton.

  • Notes

    • The German episode title is "Der Bewährungshelfer", meaning "The Probation Officer". The Finnish episode title is "Viimeinen yritys", meaning "The Last Attempt". The French episode title is "Atterrissage périlleux", meaning "Perilous Landing". The Italian episode title is "Il passo finale", meaning "The Final Step".

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