Season 3 Episode 5

Fire and Ice

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 26, 1987 on ABC



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    • (Nikki kicks the guard and knocks him out)
      MacGyver: (surprised) Where you learn that?
      Nikki: Sunday school.

    • Nikki: Did you get the key?
      MacGyver: I didn't get it.
      Nikki: What do you mean you "didn't get it?"
      MacGyver: What do you mean what do I mean? I didn't get it. I couldn't get him away from his locker.
      Nikki: I thought you were supposed to be good at this.
      MacGyver: So did I.
      Nikki: Now what do we do?
      MacGyver: It's locker number twelve.
      Nikki: What is that supposed to mean?
      MacGyver: That means I play squash, you play find the key.

    • MacGyver: This key's gonna work out fine. You did a fair job.
      Nikki: You know, I got myself invited to the ambassador's reception. Now, I would hardly rate that a 'fair job'.
      MacGyver: Okay. Fair+.

    • MacGyver: You having a problem with my plan?
      Nikki: Just one: it's not mine.
      MacGyver: So what's the problem?

    • Nikki: I came here to apologize.
      MacGyver: You came here because you can't break the code.
      Nikki: You did?
      MacGyver: Maybe. But you're going to have to come up with more than a lame apology to find out.
      Nikki: Danny was my brother.

    • Nikki: You're not still mad about the car, are you?
      MacGyver: Oh, I don't know. I had to drag one of my best friends downtown to bail me out, and then had to explain the whole thing. Of course I'm a little ticked.

    • MacGyver: (grabbing Nikki) Easy, easy, I want to make a deal with you. You don't scream, I don't scream.

    • Valet: (about Nikki) What is she doing? That chick is a real banana boat. She pulls up in a Ferrari and leaves in a wagon.
      MacGyver: I hate when she does that.

    • MacGyver: Math and science do prove useful.

    • MacGyver: A man once said, "when you make a friend, you take on a responsibility," and I guess that describes my friend Danny Barrett. When he invited me to lunch I should've known there'd be strings attached.

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