Season 1 Episode 13

Flame's End

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 29, 1986 on ABC

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  • Modest execution for such an ambitious storyline.

    This episode peaked early for me. MacGyver's reminiscent scene on the beach, followed by the surprise explosion of the car that was believed to be driven by Amy Austin, set the stage for another great MacGyver episode. But greatness never really enveloped after that. The post-burial revelation that Amy was still alive was well done, but the scenes at the power plant just seemed B-movie-ish. The escape from the disposal chamber could have been brilliant, but the narrative inconsistency was so glaring (she told Mac they'd be fried by the toxic waste long before it actual got into the chamber, yet two seconds after they escaped the chamber--ALIVE--the waste came gushing out) that it diminished the effect for me. Amy Austin was another goofy "bimbo of the week" character and, while she seemed to have some chemistry with MacGyver, didn't strike me as intelligent enough to be a bigshot a nuclear power plant. Robert "Freddy Krueger" Englund played his role as the unwilling mole well, but the primary villain (Ed?) just seemed like a cigar-chomping oil baron uncapable of hatching a scheme so elaborate. I'm probably a little hard on this episode as its entertainment value does hold up reasonably well, but it definitely is not one of my favorites of the first season.