Season 2 Episode 22

For Love or Money

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 04, 1987 on ABC

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  • Season two goes to the sunset with an enjoyable if unsubstantial episode.

    The second season wraps up with an adventurous safari to Czechoslovakia featuring an imaginative prison break sequence and some moderately enjoyable banter between MacGyver and former nemesis Diana, played well by quality actress Deborah Adair. The breakout from the hospital was the episode's high point, however, as the border crossing sequences and the scenes at the zoo were enjoyable but overly far-fetched. The epilogue, where greedy Diana realizes her inner do-gooder after learning of MacGyver's enormous donation to the cause, was one of the series better epilogues (but thank goodness that the insipid "epilogue" segment has been tossed into the ashbin of dramatic television history). Thank goodness "MacGyver" had generated good buzz in the later months of season two, assuring its renewal for a third season, because the ratings for this particular episode (and the episode preceding it) went out with a thud, pulling in only a 12.3 rating for FLOM and only a 12.6 for "DOA: MacGyver". The series would move to Wednesday nights for summer reruns to make room for ABC's Monday Night Baseball, further eroding any momentum MacGyver had generated on Monday nights.