Season 2 Episode 20


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 06, 1987 on ABC

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  • The writer's are short on ideas and we are treated to an episode of flashbacks and philosophical musings by MacGyver, who's experiencing a little bit of a midlife crisis as yet another birthday rolls around.

    “Friends” is an excruciating flashback show that is ultimately as insulting as its flimsy plot. It’s filled with scenes from other episodes, which screams “we’re out of ideas, lets look back at some of our greatest hits.” As much as I love “MacGyver,” imagine the ultimate let down fans felt back in 1987 when their loyal week-long wait for a new ep was paid off by “Friends,” chockfull of scenes from episodes already aired.

    The short and skinny of “Friends” is that Mac is getting older, so naturally, it is time for some reflection on his life’s work. At a surprise birthday party for our dashing hero, Mac is the drag of the party as he sulks about what he has to show for a life of vigilante Mr. Fix-It fun. He meets an old girlfriend who’s VERY pregnant (if there is such a thing) and he looks all moony at her as if he wishes he was the dad.

    Throughout the episode, Mac meets up with people from his past and present, and with each meeting we are treated to a flashback to earlier episodes, involving (you guessed it) that very same person.

    The most hilarious aspect of this episode is that Mac’s midlife crisis has driven him to the mad conclusion that in order to be happy, he needs to quit his job, move back to Minnesota, get married and do the domestic thing. If only it were so easy! I suppose there’s a blue-eyed blond waiting for him at the airport, just whenever he decides to go back home. Relationships, both looking for and maintaining them, are far more work than Mac could ever do at the Phoenix Foundation. Pete helps MacGyver realize this (well, not exactly) and he decides to stay with his friends and work and his life’s mission and mercifully, this episode ends.