Season 2 Episode 20


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 06, 1987 on ABC

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  • Flashback episodes come in four forms. 90 percenters, partials, fake, and this example, crap that shouldn\'t be made. We\'ll see which one it is.

    This is by far the worst episode of Mcgyver I have ever seen. Pure and simple.

    That\'s not to say it\'s a completely bad episode. There\'s a couple great parts. This is a \"bastard\" style episode where there\'s a good amount of new content (around the 50 percent mark) but there\'s a lot of old stuff.

    However This episode doesn\'t really offer new \"Mcgyver\" episode or story or inventions. All it offers is a really bad story of a party for Mcgyver, a reference to an interesting mission that came before (he was imperiled 3 times) and the fact that Mcgyver wanted to quit. Oh and a chance to see the young Teri Hatcher, and new regular (Jack Dalton) a chance to talk, as well as a lot of old stars to come back. Which is somewhat to see.

    However that all being said the flashbacks are crap, it takes a single or two flashbacks per episode, while \"Mac\" sees people he worked with. However if you\'ve seen these episodes you already know the story, and if you haven\'t seen the episode then you\'re wondering what\'s going on and the scenes arn\'t that exciting.
    It looks like either the team ran out of money, ideas or just gave up. There\'s really nothing that makes these flashbacks exciting enough to even meantion.

    Sadly this brings us to the main part of the flashback episode. There\'s no reason for 90 percent of these episodes, and this is no difference. In the later half of the 2nd season there\'s at least 3 episodes that has flashbacks, one with completely new video(introducing.. MURDOCH! the master criminal) and a couple of Jack Dalton\'s first episode (which aired only about two monthes before the second.)

    The new stuff doesn\'t have an entire episode (good story for a drama, however not even anything other then a Dalton joke is seen in action)

    As if this isn\'t enough the plot line is Mcgyver doesn\'t quit! WOW!!!

    And it wasn\'t even a season finale, what a shocker that he didn\'t quit!