Season 2 Episode 20


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 06, 1987 on ABC

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  • The first of three insipid flashback episodes this show forcefed us, each worse than the last.

    One reviewer suggested that MacGyver (and other series) resorted to these inane flashback episodes because they're "out of ideas". There may be marginal truth to that, but the most common reason they do it is to keep from going overbudget at the end of the season, when funds start to get dry. There were a few likable elements of this episode, and some strong acting and banter between Mac and Pete when Mac expressed his intent to resign from Phoenix. Seeing Kate Connolly (the woman he slept with in "The Gauntlet") with a bun in the oven was hilarious. Reliving the masterfully produced opening gambits from season one was nice, but dubbing comparatively generic Dennis McCarthy music over the awesome Randy Edelman scores from when the gambits originally aired. On the downside, the knifepoint capture of MacGyver by Jack Dalton posing as a Colombian druglord was absurd, and his interaction with Penny Parker over the course of the episode was relentlessly cringe-inducing. Certainly this episode was a waste of time, but again, financially necessary for a high-budget series like MacGyver to fill out its 22-episode order for each season within budget, so I'm willing to forgive producers for foisting it upon us. Mac's shredding of the resignation letter, and Pete's corresponding jubilation, helped bring a smile to my face in the end. Unfortunately, the ratings for subsequent episodes began to decline, and I have to believe the lackluster nature of this flashback episode contributed to the erosion.