Season 7 Episode 8

Good Knight MacGyver (2)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 11, 1991 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Morganna is mixing her gunpowder, and uses proportions of 20 to 7 to 1. The proportions typically have to be 7.5 sulfur to 1.5 charcoal to 1 sulfur. Also, the substance she has marked as 7 is white, but charcoal wouldn't be white. And the substance she has marked as 1 is black, but sulfur isn't black.

    • The slat that MacGyver is holding onto with both hands is shown to splinter in the middle at the end of the previous episode, and in the recap at the beginning of this episode. However, when the episode actually starts, it is undamaged.

    • This episode finally reveals MacGyver's first name: Angus.

    • There is not enough volume in the wineskin to contain sufficient hydrogen to lift it off the ground, much less bear the weight of the kite and cloth.

    • The guard calls Morgana "Your Highness", but since she is a queen, she should be addressed as "Your Majesty".

  • Quotes

    • MacGyver: Merlin, follow me. I'm going to swivel around and allow you across the pivot point.
      Merlin: "Swivel"? "Pivot point'? Speak English!
      MacGyver: Just work with me on this, will you?

    • Merlin: I find you despicable.
      MacGyver: I just saved your life!
      Merlin: Of course you did. Show-off! You're always grabbing attention.

    • Merlin: This ploy will repel any creature on Earth.
      MacGyver: You can say that again.
      Merlin: This ploy will repel any creature on Earth.
      MacGyver: Never mind. Never mind.

    • Merlin: What are you doing with the king's amulet?
      MacGyver: Just hang on, I think this will work.
      Merlin: Naturally. It's your idea. It must be superior.

    • Merlin: I was thinking. As a gesture of good will and camaraderie, you go first.
      MacGyver: Whatta guy.

    • MacGyver: It smells like gunpowder.
      Merlin: What's gunpowder?
      MacGyver: Nothing you'll ever miss.

    • Merlin: I have an ancient potion which will deliver him to deepest asleep.
      MacGyver: Are you sure?
      Merlin: A fool could administer it. Centuries old. Have no fear. (hits the man with a blackjack) I told you, centuries old.

    • MacGyver: Malcolm was right about everything. We have the same first name.
      Cecilia: Oh, it's a beautiful name.
      MacGyver: Maybe in your time. Where I come from...

    • MacGyver: All right, keep your fingers crossed.
      Merlin: He says strange things like that all the time.

    • MacGyver: Uh, Morganna, you're standing in a very dangerous spot. The best you can do right now is run.
      Morganna: Yes. The McIver defiance. I knew there was something about you I despised.
      MacGyver: Well, wouldn't have it any other way.

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