Season 7 Episode 11

Gunz 'N Boyz

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 16, 1991 on ABC

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  • Another episode that begins with potential but spirals into a level of absurdity rarely seen on MacGyver even at its worst.

    I'm not as hard on the "MacGyver: Social Worker" episodes as some, and actually found the grittiness of this episode's first act (and a couple other powerful scenes later on) to be very compelling. It was obvious that scriptwriter Art Washington was going for a TV ripoff of "Boyz N The Hood", and he actually managed to pull it off through most of the episode's first half, with the drive-by shooting and the scene where Brian raises his hands in the air in the alley, framed for the rival gangbanger's murder. Just as powerful was actress Margaret Avery's performance in the mean streets, watching her only remaining son pulling away en route to trouble. Aside from that scene, however, the rest of the episode's second half was embarrassingly bad, save for the clever MacGyverism where Mac escaped from yet another storage room using a beer keg as a cannon. The episode really became absurb with the preposterous introduction of Minton as a former cop and current arms dealer orchestrating a mass murder of the very gangbangers who represent his customer base. As goofy as that plot twist was, the episode still hadn't hit bottom. The mass arrival of the bickering mamas and grannies of the gangbangers to rain on their murderous parade and lapse into one after another sanctimonious lecture was so embarrassing it was funny. In keeping with the absurdity, the epilogue has the gangbangers (all of whom have apparently made nice) planting trees outside the Challenger's Club, most likely planning to sing a chorus of Kumbaya in the process....while Ms. Jeffries waxes poetic with a nonsensical screed about overcoming the neighborhood's "bad habits" because of the new "role models", of whom I have no idea who she's referring to. The only reason I don't rate this episode lower is the solidly gritty directing and production values, but there's no denying it fell apart about as badly as an episode can in its second half.