Season 5 Episode 6

Halloween Knights

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 30, 1989 on ABC

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  • Another terrific Murdoc outing that once again represents this series thinking outside the box.

    Scriptwriter John Sheppard continues his streak of thinking outside the box for story ideas and brings an intangible degree of fun to "Halloween Knights", an episode that begins with what looks like another con job by Jack Dalton in its early stages. Before the end of the first act, it's clear that Murdoc is back. I was skeptical going into this episode that MacGyver and Murdoc could ever work together, but Sheppard pulled it off with a complex and convincing explanation that led to their partnership. The two had an intriguing and even comedic chemistry as they attempted to penetrate H.I.T.'s security and rescue Murdoc's kidnapped sister. Cleverness ensued throughout, and although another "Batman death trap" comparison may be in order for many viewers, I was perfectly pleased by MacGyver and Murdoc's entertaining and exciting journey through "Death Row", particularly the snake pit they had to traverse before extracting Ashton from the electric chair. There was a great deal to love about this episode, including the elusive epilogue, but I have to dock a couple-tenths of a point simply because Murdoc worked better for me as a flamboyant villain. As I said, his banter with MacGyver during their short-lived partnership was perfectly amusing, but when I think of this duo's history of bitter ugliness, it all seemed just a little hard to swallow. So for me, this is a solid top-15 episode, but not an all-time favorite as it seems to be for a great many MacGyver fans.