Season 5 Episode 19

Hearts of Steel

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 09, 1990 on ABC

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  • An uninspired kidnapping plot is hampered further by a silly resolution.

    This was my least favorite episode of season five. Mayim Bialik was an effervescent presence, but her character was more sanctimoniously annoying than entertaining in this particular episode. Lisa's only moments to shine in this episode were in the opening scenes with Ingrid at the mall. The kidnapping portion was okay, but not exactly memorable, although I did like the revelation that the kidnappers had taken the wrong girl. From there though, the idea that three lone kidnappers could successfully stage that bait-and-switch to "re-kidnap" Lisa from her heavily guarded palace was far from credible. As for the social views portrayed in the episode, I'm about as strong of an economic populist as you'll ever find, but even I found the dynamic between corporate shark Eric Woodman and bankrupted steel mill owner Trevors to be one-dimensional, leaving me very disappointed at the silly ending where all of Trevors' festering rage was instantly quelled by Lisa convincing her dad to re-open the steel mill (which would never happen in the real world even if the new owner was being held at gunpoint). It's a good thing that CBS and NBC were in ratings freefall in this timeslot in the spring of 1990, because MacGyver certainly wasn't winning any viewers with mediocre episodes like this even though it was winning its time slot by this point.