Season 3 Episode 9

Hell Week

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 23, 1987 on ABC

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  • Crushing Preasure

    This episode I'll admit once again is a bit guilty of being a little preachy with the lesson it's implying but that didn't get me down. Other then that everything else is pritty good, it's once again an exercise in building up suspense.

    From the first half we get information about a troubled collage student suffering common burn out. One of the signs of this we see as Macgyver is observing a physics class in progress the professor is presuring him on how to solve an occuring problem imediately, and I couldn't help but sense the student could of came up with the answer if the professor was more patient with him but of course the professor cut him off and just showed him the solution in front of the class and the student afterward felt bad and a bit humuliated. I can easily emphisize with the students dilema since I myself had to endure an overwelming degree of preasure, some presure I can handle but when theres too much of it I can't always work well, let alone think straight. Part of that preasure is the fact that the student is the son of the top physics professor. The student doesn't feel like he's meeting his father's expectations and is failing him in some way since the professor hasn't shown him a sign of satisfaction. This sort of gets at a common subconcious fear a lot of kids have toward their parients. It also doesn't help that there is a slimy rival in the class that is up to no good to cheat at the contest and sabatosh the student's efforts at winning. Basically the lession isn't just on parients being more careful on how they handle their kids but also just simply the fact that too much preasure is bad for a person's health. As Macgyver said, a great amount of preasure could create a dimond but it can also create dust. The contest scene in the first half is great, I really loved the creative locks that were constructed and of course the tools and methods used in opening them, like in all physics problems the answer is really simple if you just think about it throughly and carefully. That contest really showed the student at his best I knew he could and was about to win but when he didn't win when that rival pulled a slimy trick I felt bad for him and knew he's going to blow. And it all winds down to probably the most intesnse part of the episode which is the second half where Macgyver and the Physics Professor have to defuse an undisarmable bomb the student constructed himself to blow up the physics building. One mistake and well you get it, I was litterally at the edge of my seat in that part of the epsode and even though this was a brief amount of minutes they were the most intense since it felt like time stretched as the minutes were ticking away and the stakes got high and the sittuation got worse. So all in all good and intense episode.
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