Season 3 Episode 9

Hell Week

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 23, 1987 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • The fictional Western Tech's "Fizziks Follies" barricade contest is based on Caltech's annual Ditch Day, which began decades before when the senior class ditched classes for a day to go to the beach. Resentful underclassmen set up practical jokes in the seniors' rooms in their absence. Seniors took to barricading their rooms each Ditch Day, originally with brute force obstacles then later with ever more elaborate puzzles. The college approves of Ditch Day as a way of stimulating thought while letting students blow off steam.

  • Quotes

    • Professor Ryman: Come and see the next generation in action. You can be depressed along with me.

    • David: You sure haven't changed much. That's the same jacket you had ten years ago, isn't it?
      MacGyver: Yeah, I'm kind of attached to it.

    • Professor Ryman: I would like to introduce you to Mr. MacGyver, who will be observing today.
      MacGyver: Hi.
      Students: Hi.
      Professor Ryman: Mr. MacGyver is a former student here, though of course, not in your league. He was gifted.

    • Professor Ryman: Nothing worse than a physicist stupefied by the obvious!

    • Professor Ryman: Physics is about truth, not tact.

    • MacGyver: David, what do you say you lighten up a little bit? How about if I come over there and we talk about it?
      David: Oh, will you bring a six-pack?
      MacGyver: Oh, you know me. Carrot juice is about as heavy as I get.

    • MacGyver: Pressure turns coal into diamonds, is that it?
      Professor Ryman: Well, that's a physical fact, MacGyver.
      MacGyver: It can also crush it to dust.

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