Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 27, 1985 on ABC

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  • Great pyrotechnics and an original storyline help this episode overcome its flaws.

    Struggling ABC tested out MacGyver on Wednesday night (which would be its new night two months later) in late November 1985 with this episode. Despite earning my dubious honor of worst-acted MacGyver episode of all-time (Bill was over-the-top....and MacGyver acted out of character in an effort to keep up with him), the original premise, awesome pyrotechnics, and white-knuckle suspense saved this episode and help make for a very enjoyable hour. Granted, the premise of an abandoned strip mine leaving shelves full of dynamite after its closure is hokey even by MacGyver standards, but the outstanding execution of the suspenseful dynamite retrieval scenes should help just about anybody suspend their disbelief. It's too bad the writers and producers had fleshed out the character a little better in the early first season because a little more polish could have elevated this episode to one of the series' all-time best. As it stands, it was still an excellent hour and pivotal in that it helped MacGyver move to Wednesday nights, the timeslot that would save the series from being a one-season wonder.