Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 27, 1985 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • When MacGyver and Bill are driving the truck to the abandoned strip mine to look for dynamite, Mac is wearing sunglasses. Then suddenly, in close-up shots, the sunglasses are gone. As the truck arrives at the mine and Mac gets out, he suddenly has the sunglasses back on again.

    • In the scene where MacGyver and Bill are entering the shack to get the dynamite boxes, right after Bill steps off the board onto the shack's floor, there's a shot of him walking towards the dynamite boxes. The gloved hand of one of the production crew clearly comes into the right side of the shot to steady a dynamite box.

    • MacGyver's hands are shown to be dirty in long shots, but clean in close-ups, when he works on the truck engine.

    • The bit where MacGyver fixes the fuse box by wrapping the burnt-out fuse with a chewing gum wrapper does actually work as confirmed by Mythbusters.

  • Quotes

    • MacGyver: (needing to straight Torgut's broken leg) Of course, you know we're going to have to give it a pretty good yank to straighten it, get a splint on it.
      Torgut: Well, what are you waiting, Doc? Let's do it!
      MacGyver: Oh, I was just wondering...
      Torgut: Do you have any doubts you can do it?
      MacGyver: Oh, no, that's no problem. It has to do with Curie's Law.
      Torgut: Curie's what? Curie's Law?
      MacGyver: Yeah. You know, the one that say the magnetic susceptibility of a paramagnetic substance is inversely proportional to the absolute temperature. You know.
      Torgut: The magnetic susceptibility of the...
      (MacGyver abruptly straightens his broken leg)
      MacGyver: On the other hand... don't think about it.
      Torgut: Oh... whew. You're real slick, MacGyver.
      MacGyver: Well, naked dancing girls might have been a little better, but... you know.

    • Bill: (carrying unstable dynamite) You ever drop one of these?
      MacGyver: Not recently. You?
      Bill: Well, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, a guy once bet me that I couldn't balance a stick of burning dynamite on my forehead.
      MacGyver: Yeah, what happened?
      Bill: Blew my head off.

    • MacGyver: Uh, wait a minute, here.
      Bill: He's thinking. I can hear the gears grinding away.

    • MacGyver: Well, I guess I'm going to have to entertain a couple of theories a few of my buddies came up with a while ago. Archimedes and Euclid, you may have heard of them.

    • MacGyver: I've been wanting to take a nice long vacation, a little rest and relaxation. Spend some time with friends, party down.

    • Bill: You've always got an answer.
      MacGyver: It doesn't always work.

    • Bill: You are crazy! I mean, certifiable!
      MacGyver: Yeah? What does that make you?

    • Bill: You know, back in the 1920s, they used to truck nitro out to the fields.
      MacGyver: Yeah?
      Bill: Yeah.
      MacGyver: They used to call that the suicide run, didn't they?
      Bill: You scared?
      MacGyver: You bet.
      Bill: Me, too. Ain't it great?
      MacGyver: Yeah...

    • Bill: Pure nitro—that stuff'll go off if you sneeze.
      MacGyver: Let's try not to sneeze.

    • MacGyver: You know this building is coming down with the first strong wind?
      Bill: Hey, you want to live forever?
      MacGyver: Thinking about it.

    • MacGyver: Maybe we oughta consider puttin' it out ourselves.
      Bill: With what?
      MacGyver: Know-how. Ingenuity… Dynamite wouldn't hurt.

    • Laura: I asked him to make a choice: hellfighting . . . or us.
      MacGyver: He chose right.

    • MacGyver: [I am] a man of many, many, many, many, many, many talents.

    • MacGyver: Some people say that there are no more frontiers left for us to conquer. But then again, some people still go out into the wilderness in search of their dream.

    • MacGyver: You got a spare fuse?
      Laura: You're holding it.

    • Bill: You can forget about the new truck. I'll take a dozen of those ballpoint pens.

    • MacGyver: This road would definitely be an E ride at Disneyland.

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