Season 6 Episode 15

High Control

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 11, 1991 on ABC

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  • A good, but not great, second act to the Earl Dent saga.

    It was probably worth bringing Dick Butkus back to reprise his role as the dimwitted con Earl Dent from "Harry's Will" and this episode generally entertained. The chemistry between Earl and gruff parole representative Montana was strong in most of the scenes, and perhaps even had the potential to make for an entertaining spinoff series. It was amusing to see Earl sent to work at the Chicken Habit given his history there and the setup by biker gang leader Klug was decent. The episode lost some steam in the second half when MacGyver, operating purely on faith, was able to convince Klug to let him ride with his gang to the meth lab where he could help clear Dent. Montana's reckless attempts to follow them also defied belief (how many parole agents would personally hunt down their clients in attempt to catch them in the act of a crime?). And the episode also featured the weakest MacGyverism in the series' history.....where MacGyver concocted a generic bomb by "mixing stuff" that was supposed to explode on impact, but didn't. Thankfully, the "mixed stuff" did explode on impact when attached to Dent's trike. Perhaps the writers didn't want to reveal some of the chemicals that went into making meth.....but more than likely they were too lazy to do the research necessary to explain the makeshift explosive device beyond "mixing stuff". Either way, it was incredibly weak and further signs of creeping weariness setting into this six-year-old show.