Season 6 Episode 21


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 06, 1991 on ABC

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  • This lame flashback episode is perhaps the one MacGyver episode where there was zero hope of it being good from the get-go.

    Among the worst MacGyver episodes of all, this disastrous flashback episode started out uninspired and wrapped up a ridiculous mess. As I said in the review for season two's "Friends", expensive action shows like MacGyver pretty much have to do these flashback episodes to stay within budget for the season, but doing one within the context of Pete's eye surgery was a miscalculation in that that storyline had already been sufficiently exploited in "Blind Faith". It simply paved the way for over-the-top melodrama and awkwardly "tender moments" sandwiched in between flashback sequences. With all that said, the first half WASN'T horrible....but the second half was. The insertion of the "somebody's out to get Pete" subplot was idiotic and a strategic disaster, made worse by what was perhaps the goofiest line in MacGyer history..."You mean somebody's trying to do me bodily harm?". After going through the motions of "could it be Murdoc?" with the vanilla-wafer bland Willis, it's predictably revealed that Pete's stalker is in fact his loving ex-wife, who looks alot different than she did when we saw her four years earlier, and strikingly similar to the psychiatrist from "Brainwashed" and the principal from "Live and Learn". There was literally nothing salvageable from this episode other than the reference to Jack Dalton, the only time his name would even come up, let alone his being seen, in season six.

    Season six also ended with a thud in the ratings, with "Hind-Sight" scoring a 10.2 rating, the lowest of the season and second-lowest thus far for a first-run episode of the series. Whether deservedly or not, ABC renewed MacGyver for a seventh season a couple of weeks later, even with declining ratings. They undoubtedly calculated, and most likely correctly, that nothing else could perform as well as MacGyver in the before/after Monday Night Football slot in the fall. It was no coincidence that the renewal was only for 13 episodes. Pretty much everybody knew the end was near by this stage.