Season 6 Episode 2


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 24, 1990 on ABC

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  • Romania episode... really??

    Maybe the episode is character-driven, but there are flaws in the setting that just irritate me. I'm a great-great fan of MacGyver, but this one... for such a great show, they could have done more documentation... the car numbers and the cars don't look Romanian, the only venomous snakes in Romania are two species of adders, and that snake was none of them, it appeared to be a non-venomous Colubrid (like Coluber caspius maybe). Come on... I'm sure they could have gotten a proper adder from somewhere... And I understand that it's easier and cheaper for the show if everybody speaks English, but still... I would bet that if Ceausescu really had a secret guard like that (which he may as well had, besides the 'Securitate'), they would have spoken Russian as a foreign language, and not even that between themselves.

    Anyway, if we consider the show in its entirety, it was one of the greatest ever made. There could never be another MacGyver.
  • MacGyver's deprogramming of a brainwashed enemy soldier proved to be a very intriguing and worthy concept for the series to explore.

    This rare character-driven episode of MacGyver offers some fascinating insight to the mind of an enemy soldier brainwashed to support "the cause" since he was a young boy...and the slow process of deconstructing that mental manipulation unfolds through the course of the hour. "The cause" in this case was living out the will of deposed Romanian dictator Nikolai Ceaucescu, and a failed terrorist attack turns MacGyver into a hostage, bringing the odd couple together. The random viper in the Romanian woods was kind of a cheesy venue to deliver the required plot twist, but it ultimately accomplished its end and ushered in an intriguing stretch of character development. Rookie scriptwriter Lincoln Kibbee did an excellent job in drawing out Victor, and the exchange between Victor and Major Krik following MacGyver's capture was the high point of the episode. The sacrifial lamb ending was effective as well, but I have to dock a couple points for that ridiculous fishing line diversion that somehow successfully distracted trained soldiers long enough for MacGyver and Victor to ambush them. The imagery of MacGyver lifting Victor's leg back onto the stretcher in the epilogue was powerful enough to have poignantly ended the episode, so I also must call the series out for unnecessarily pounding the thematic message home with the pointless closing exchange between Mac and Pete. Still, a very powerful episode with a great premise and a fantastic script.
  • great episode!

    Mac gets kidnapped by a romanian soldier named Victor and has to convince him to keep him alive... which just doesn't really work out for him...Victor tries to kill Mac, but gets bitten by a snake and Mac saves him. Anyways, in the end Victor does the right thing, blows himself up, and the other soldiers are planning to get recupperated. The story in this episode was great. I loved the idea of humanity and how it was portrayed. I also liked the flashbacks and how Victor actually tricked Mac to save him. Overall, great episode with great characterization and humanity.
  • Great story, characters and music.

    Once again this series impresses me more and more. This time MacGyver is captured and ends up saving the life of this man, who at the end saves Mac's life in return. These two characters are the central pivot of the episode and it works really well because the two actors are doing a great job.
    The story is fantastic, the characters are well developped and the actors are great (especially the man playing Victor, and as usual R.D. Anderson and D. Elcar). The musical score on this episode is probably one of the best of the entire series. The photography is also without flaws. A wonderful episode that certainly ranks in the top 10 of this great series.
  • MacGyver is captuted by Victor, a guy that's been programed all his life. Victor is bitten by a snake and MAcGyver is compelled to help him out of his hummanity. While traveling with Victor, MacGyver teaches him about hummanity.

    This is one of my personal favorites. I like episodes where people that don't like eachother have to help eachother anywhey. The only thing is that there are too many coicedences in this episode that make it almost unbeleavable. Like the snake that comes at that moment, or the fishing pole being in the trunk. I love the plot though. It's not a good example of MacGyver's brains, but it's a really good plot. The end is really sad, but in a good way. The other thing I really like is that when the people get hurt, they act like it thoughout the show. They don't get shot in the arm and then go swinging their arms around or anything like that.