Season 3 Episode 7

Jack in the Box

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 09, 1987 on ABC

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  • As with almost all episodes with Jack Dalton, you have to look past some things to enjoy this.

    A fairly memorable episode involving a small redneck southern town and overbearing sheriff. Lance Legault handles the corrupt sheriff role to a T, he had a similar role in Airwolf, and although he didn't do quite as well here, you have to appreciate how natural the role comes to him.

    After letting Jack know who's boss, the sheriff "Bull Bodine" exiles Jack to a strip mine disguised as a prison farm. The objective the sheriff and the "warden" have are to find lost money placed here by a relative of Jack. Macgyver soon travels south to bail Jack out and meets Boldine himself, and not surprisingly, doesn't fair any better as he also is hand cuffed and brought to the mine. If you can get past this fact of 1800's type law, it is an enjoyable episode...I couldn't quite do it.

    After a couple failed escape attempts, Jack and Mac are caught and brought to the exact spot to dig it up themselves. I will not ruin the exact outcome but it's not completely a happy ending :)