Season 3 Episode 7

Jack in the Box

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 09, 1987 on ABC

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  • Good episode overall.

    While not my very favorite,this is a good episode of Macgyver.

    The episode starts when Jack Dalton calls Macgyver for help. He tells him he's down in Arkansas,and is in trouble. Jack is then arrested by the local Sheriff (named "Bull" Bodine) under the pretense of "destruction of property,insulting an officer of the law",etc.

    Despite Pete Thorton's warning,Macgyver heads to Smiley Arkansas to help Jack. When Macgyver arrives in Smiley,he senses that something is amiss. He soon finds out what's wrong: The town is "under the gun" (so to speak) of Bodine,who it ends up is corrupt. He arrests people for no reason,and takes them to a local "reform center" which is in reality,a labor camp (run by him and "The Warden" Renfro) where workers are forced to mine gold. Macgyver then sees Jack,and finds out he (Jack) got himself arrested on purpose so he could search for his late Uncle Charlie's 5 million dollars hidden in one of the old gold mines. It ends up it was Jack's plan all along to get him and Macgyver down there to search for it. Macgyver reluctantly agrees,he and Jack attempt to escape from the labor camp twice (both attempts fail),and they eventually have to tell Renfro and Bodine where the money is.

    The show then reaches it's climax as Macgyver and Jack find the money in one of the old mines and manage to defeat Renfro and Bodine. But,Bodine lights a stick of dynamite right before Macgyver knocks him down. Thus forcing Macgyver to put the dynamite in the suitcase of money,thus blowing it up,to save them all.

    Overall,I give this episode an 8/10. Not my very favorite,but still really cool.

    Thanks for reading!