Season 2 Episode 6

Jack of Lies

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 03, 1986 on ABC
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MacGyver, returning home one night, walks into his apartment only to find everything he owns missing. Initially suspecting a robbery, MacGyver eventually comes to the conclusion that his old friend Jack Dalton is the one responsible for the theft.

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  • The introduction of Jack Dalton brought needed character development to this series.

    Sticking with the adventure show theme, "Jack of Lies" is a perfectly competent episode with some cheesy one-dimensional villains, but stands out due to the presentation of a new character that would become iconic in the lore of MacGyver fandom. That character is obviously Jack Dalton. ABC programmers had it partly correct when they advised MacGyver producers to lighten its tone and put a greater emphasis on character in its second season. While the excessive use of voiceovers was a miscalculation, at least for me, MacGyver needed a character like Dalton who could triangulate as MacGyver's friend and the man who inadvertantly (or often consciously) leads him to danger. The character was well-drawn enough and so superbly played by veteran character actor Bruce McGill that it turned out to be a match made in heaven responsible for many of this series' most memorable episodes. Solid production values and a clever and emotional ending were high points in this episode, even though the plot doesn't stand out as one of the series' best.moreless
Patricia McPherson

Patricia McPherson

Michelle "Mike" Forester

Guest Star

Silvana Gallardo

Silvana Gallardo


Guest Star

Kevyn Major Howard

Kevyn Major Howard


Guest Star

Bruce McGill

Bruce McGill

Jack Dalton

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    • MacGyver: (reading a thief's note) "Dear Mac, If you ever want to see your fridge alive, meet me at the west end of the airport, Hangar 13. Come alone or the fridge fries." Some folks might see the humor in something like this. I don't happen to be one.

    • MacGyver: You had to give Jack one thing: he knew how to have fun. High adventure, globetrotting, no-holds-barred fun.

    • MacGyver: Jack Dalton—rogue, adventurer, liar, thief.

    • Jack: Look, I got my own company now. Jack Dalton, sole proprietor, Fly By Night Air Freight, at your service. The official airline for slugs, scum, and all manner of vermin. Anyway, I was, shall we say, "transporting" some very valuable orchids.
      MacGyver: Shall we say "smuggling"?
      Jack: That's an ugly word, Mac. But hey, at a thousand bucks a plant, I can live with it.

    • MacGyver: Jack, wouldn't you say we're running out of runway?
      Jack: You worry too much, Mac.
      MacGyver: Sometimes you don't worry enough!

    • MacGyver: They hit our fuel tank.
      Jack: Not to worry.
      MacGyver: Someone has to.

    • MacGyver: Want to level with me? I'm kinda tired of being jerked around like a big dog on a short leash.
      Jack: Let it never be said of Jack Dalton that he was unkind to animals.

    • MacGyver: So why didn't you just tell me the whole story?
      Jack: Drugs, blackmail, corrupt police... sounds like a bad TV show.
      MacGyver: Yeah, you want to know how it ends?
      Jack: They all live happily ever after?

    • Antunnez: My mother taught me never to strike a lady. (slaps Mike) I never listened to my mother.

    • Elena: So Jack wanted to get caught? What kind of plan is that?
      MacGyver: A dumb one.

    • Jack: The way I figure it, we take off in that plane, one of two things can happen. One, we can fly about five miles and crash into the mountains. Or two, we can fly about five miles and crash into the ocean.
      MacGyver: Nice to have options.

    • Jack: Mike, Mike. Don't worry. I've..
      MacGyver and Mike: I've got a plan.
      Jack: Do I say that a lot?

    • MacGyver: I hope Jack doesn't object. I dug into his private stock of cheap wine.
      Mike: I don't know, Mac. I usually use a white wine to charge my dead batteries.

    • MacGyver: You really are dying, aren't you?
      Jack: We're all dying, Mac. Some of us are just doing it a little faster than others, that's all.

    • MacGyver: It's been said the best gift a man could ever give another was his life. Jack Dalton was never one to settle for less than the best.

    • Mike: But Jack said he only had enough fuel for about five miles.
      MacGyver: Yeah, and when was the last time Jack didn't stretch the truth just a little?

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