Season 5 Episode 16

Jenny's Chance

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 19, 1990 on ABC

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  • The best of the three "sting" episodes featured in this series, the role-playing of the main characters elevates "Jenny's Chance" above its peers.

    Jack Dalton's appearances started to become fewer and fewer in season five, but he continued to leave a mark on the show when he did show up, as was the case in this, the last of the three "sting" episodes featured on MacGyver...and the best of the three. The story was rich and complex, the role-playing of the major characters was both clever and humorous, and the twists and turns were nicely executed. The birth of MacGyver's nerdy alter ego Dexter Fillmore was a nice touch that added some amusing atmosphere to this episode and the two subsequent episodes featuring Dexter. As with all sting episodes, my major grievance was the fact that the bad guys always do the exact things that the sting planners expected them to do, however far-fetched the logic. What would have happened, for instance, if George Henderson hadn't told his associate to follow Harry Boyle to the Derby Grill and stumble right into the snare? The whole plan would have instantly fallen apart. That's what makes it even harder for me to suspend my disbelief on these sting episodes than it is when Murdoc comes back to life for the umptieth time. Minor grievances though, as this was a fun episode that audiences took a definite interest in, generating a season-high 14.7 rating and easily winning its timeslot.
  • An elaborate sting episode with Richard Dean Anderson displaying some varied acting ability.

    It is evident early on alot of time and work was put into this episode from the entire crew. The episode features a solid guest cast (including Linda Blair), a sweeping musical score, and intricate plot line. The whole story centers around the deaf race horse "Jenny's Chance" and how Henderson schemes to fix a race by setting up its jockey with a ultra high pitched gadget that would tilt the odds high enough to bet the farm on Jenny's Chance. The problem is the money Henderson puts on the horse must be laundered through hundreds of sources to not raise a red flag. This is where Mac, Pete, Jack and gang come in. Pete goes undercover as a corrupt bookie with a secret, state of the art gambling house, while Mac poses as the geeky computer guy also helping Pete create a device to exploit Jenny's chance. Jack serves as "Lucky Charlie", Henderson's secret partner in crime. The real twist comes with Macgyver playing another character later in the show that will have everyone surprised. The whole sting eventually nails Henderson as guilty (obviosuly). It works almost a little too perfectly I think, and that is my only critique for this episode. I like Legend of the Holy Rose a little better as best of season, but this is a close 2nd.
  • A Mission: Impossible like episode!

    This show reminds me of the great Mission: Impossible TV show that aired from 66 to 73. Mac along with Pete and Jack are setting a trap to the bad guy and hope he confess the murder of their friend. Everything is used a la Mission: Impossible, 3 trustable individuals, advance computer technology (they're all exited to show the computer with the capabiliy of 1 go...but that was back in 1990!!), a great set up with a lot of people involved and of course the mask wore by MacGyver. The pace of this episode is great, it's really well written and acted. It was a different episode from the one we're used with Jack Dalton.
  • Great episode...

    MacGyver and jack help out this old friend after her father mysteriously dies in a horse pen. This guy that killed the girl's father was getting him to fix horse races with this device that made the horses go crazy, but they're horse couldn't hear it as it was deaf. This is suppost to be the best episode in season 5 a nd I agree. I really liked seeing Magyver dress up and play a nerd, and to see pete be a kind of rich guy that always got his way. In the end they got the man that killed the girl's father to confess he murdered him. Later...