Season 6 Episode 12

Jerico Games

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 07, 1991 on ABC

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  • Unrealistic (as it usually is)

    He took off his mask openly in a parking lot.. Unbelievable! Guess the mask itched so terribly he couldn't wait five more minutes to be in the clear.
  • The entertainment value was still high, but the MacGyver series was starting to feel like an old man by this point in the series run, and this episode exemplifies the series' hastening maturity.

    Unlike the numerous episodes that I like more each time I view it, here's an episode I like less as I watch it further. Introducing yet another ex-girlfriend with serious mental health issues, I had a hard time buying the entire premise being sold here, where the scheming Ellen waits in the wings for 20 years to exact revenge on the guy who dumped her in high school. I'm sure such a thing could happen, but I don't think the cold-blooded perpetrator of what unfolded on MacGyver could spend a full day playing kissy-face with him and successfully disguise her unbridled rage and hatred. With all that said, the story unfolded intriguingly in the episode's first half before Ellen's intentions were revealed, with MacGyver watching himself on live TV at a studio across town being the episode's high point (at least until the writers fell back on the whole Scooby Doo mask bit). Nikolai was charismatic and entertaining, if a little too juvenile, and added some spunk to the episode. I even enjoyed the incinerator scene, as logistically improbable as it may be for metal rods to be randomly laying around inside an incinerator as well as a plexiglass window that somehow avoids melting even though its only inches away from the incinerator flame. The final scene was torturous though as Ellen has her emotional breakdown at the episode's end. I wasn't buying it all. And what does it say about our hero that he proceeds to look through his yearbook in the epilogue, longing for the glory days and wondering "what could have been if only...." when viewing the pics of the ex-girlfriend who just tried to fry him in an incinerator. And I thought I let women walk all over me??!?!