Season 3 Episode 11

Kill Zone

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 04, 1988 on ABC

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  • Different kind of episode but works really well!

    This is not your typical MacGyver episode, it pose a big ethic and moral issue. The scientist works on a culture to speed up harvest and gives vegetation the strength to grow in arrid and dry land as well as frozen land. She hopes this will help people in Africa to solve their malnutrition problem. However the satellite where she put the culture on falls back on earth, it kills all the animal life in the surroundings. MacGyver picks up the rest of the satellite and they found out she put her culture in without nobody noticing. Even though her culture is unstable and had transformed she still wants to continue on her research. Pete decides she has to destroy it for the good of everyone. She doesn't do it and her dog spills the culture and both contract the disease (speed up life at an astonishing rate), a few minutes later she's found dead (as an old woman) so is her dog. It really shows how sometimes scientists go too far to find a solution or a cure, their goal is good but the way to do it isn't.