Season 1 Episode 7

Last Stand

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 17, 1985 on ABC

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  • The first mediocre MacGyver episode.

    After a rollicking start, MacGyver was overdue for an average episode and "Last Stand" definitely fit the bill. Unfortunately, this was the highest-rated MacGyver episode yet (15.8 rating) and the mediocrity of the episode following the memorable "Trumbo's World" kind of killed the series surging momentum for a few weeks. There were some bright spots though. Kay Lenz played her role well, and the fertilizer bombs and freezer escape bits were nicely played. The villains, however, were too cartoonish, which was abundantly clear in the dreary climax scene where the numbskull hijackers randomly wandered the airport by themselves (calling out MacGyver's name no less) allowing him to snuff them out one by one. It was an entertaining hour like most MacGyver episodes, but nonetheless stands out as the weakest link of the first half of the first season.