Season 5 Episode 2

Legend of the Holy Rose (2)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 25, 1989 on ABC

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  • A tightly wound part two smooths nicely with the flow of part one and closes with a very imaginative discovery sequence.

    Part 2 of "Legend of the Holy Rose" began with a clever, if wildly improbable, escape from under the big blade, capstoned by a hilarious scene with the midnight cleaning lady. From there, the action and intensity flow nicely as MacGyver heads to Von Leer's castle to rescue Zoe and the Ambrose artifacts. The episode really delivers in the final half hour though, with the ingeniusly crafted maze of clues leading to the Holy Rose and sceptors, which together generated an ancient laser beam and uncovering the Temple of the Holy Rose inside a mountain. The construction of the laser beam and gun powder-laced manmade rock formation was an example of this series at its creative best, and its sad that scriptwriter Stephen Downing didn't get any sort of industry recognition for his overall work on this series, and specifically for the ancient ruby laser concept. The final confrontation with Von Leer was exciting and the mysterious "red earth", ultimately scattered to the wind by Von Leer's associate, really raised the stakes and speculation in regards to the episode's outcome. I was a little disappointed at the logistical impossibility of a beam of light generated by the sun and a ruby being able to perforate Von Leer and sending him flying into the remains of the Temple of the Holy Rose, but liked the fact that the "one artifact" that MacGyver and Zoe were able to walk away with was the Holy Grail itself.

    Viewers must have agreed with my assessment that the swinging pendulum was an excellent cliffhanger as ratings perked up substantially for "Legend of the Holy Rose, Part 2", jumping from a 9.8 to an 11.7. Now there's nothing about an 11.7 rating worth bragging about, but it was closer to what the series was used to generating at that point in its run and probably helped the crew breathe a sigh of relief about their prospects for producing a full fifth season rather than getting canned after only 13 episodes.