Season 5 Episode 13

Live and Learn

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 15, 1990 on ABC

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  • MacGyver: Social Worker returns in full force with one of the best episodes from that subgenre.

    This is the sort of MacGyver episode that always generates mixed reviews. The action junkies consider it to be a corruption of the series' high adventure roots, but fans more drawn to the character-driven episodes definitely dug this one. I really found it enjoyable, with engaging characters and a clever full-circle story arc beginning with Mac teaching how Archimedes invented the lever and ultimately using a variation on the lever to save Nick Maloni from the construction accident. I really appreciated the story transformation in the second half, when the focus unpredictably shifted from Tony's educational shortcomings to corrupt foremen at the construction site. The MacGyverism extraordinaire (making a piece of burned paper readable again with infrared film)that closed the episode was also wildly entertaining and should have appeased the science junkies who may have otherwise been put off by this episode's lack of traditional action/adventure scenes. Overall, an episode that could have been a mess worked due to solid acting performances and a clever script from Rick Mittleman. The episode also improved upon the previous week's season high in the ratings, scoring a 13.9.