Season 3 Episode 2

Lost Love (2)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 28, 1987 on ABC

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  • A solid part one ascends to classic status in the well-crafted conclusion.

    The setup in part one of "Lost Love" more than pays off with the exciting and well-executed part two. For me, everything in this episode worked, although I know plenty of people who weren't amused by Jack Dalton's antics in the museum as they were stealing the Ming Dragon. I thought he and Mac sparkled in that scene, showcasing a comedic chemistry of Laurel and Hardy-esque proportion. While the logistics of the dragon theft were ridiculously improbable (all of the guards come to the room where the theft took place and not a single one held back to capture the thieves as they fled????) but the footage on the streets and stores of Chinatown was excellent. Some hammy acting by the actress that played Tanya notwithstanding, the rest of the episode was a masterpiece of Cold War-era espionage gamesmanship, with Lisa's ultimate betrayal of MacGyver culminating in the very impressive scene where Lisa helped transfer the lock picks to Mac to enable his escape. The double crosses and acting were solid throughout and I enjoy this episode more with each viewing. A stellar scriptwriting effort from former executive producer Jerry Ludwig.