Season 8 Episode 1

Lost Treasure of Atlantis

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 14, 1994 on ABC
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Lost Treasure of Atlantis
MacGyver, his archaeology professor, and an old friend team up to search for the legendary treasure of Atlantis, but an enterprising Englishman and his partner want the treasure for other reasons.

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  • Great for a lazy Sunday..

    With its ludicrous plot and outrageous acting, this is something I know I should hate but for some reason really enjoy. Brian Blessed's over the top acting and Richard Dean Anderson being, well, Richard Dean Anderson just seems to work and makes for a great sunday afternoon on the sofa movie!
  • I am looking forward to owning both MacGyver movies on DVD in October. MacGyver uses his wits and gets out of sticky situations in both MacGyver movies. It is great that this movie will be on DVD. MacGyver: Trail to Doomsday, will also be on DVD in Octmoreless

    ober. The thing I love about this movie is the way MacGyver saves the day as always. Dana Elcar didn't appear in either MacGyver movie, but I enjoyed them both none the less. MacGyver and his friends save the day. At the end, We can see MacGyver watching a film about The Lost Treasure of Atlantis. Fantastic.
  • An epic and appreciated MacGyver adventure, but flawed by too many imperfections.

    Most people I know who watched "The Lost Treasure of Atlantis" felt the same way about it as I do. It was a solid effort with plenty of rewarding material, but it just didn't come together as the masterpiece most had been hoping for. Starting with the good, the opening half hour was pretty strong, particularly the back-to-back escapes from the military barricades in the Kosovo-esque region. The next major action scene in the museum, and then spilling onto the streets of London, was also nicely done. Most of the layering of the Atlantis legend played out nicely as well, particularly the platinum pages in the magnetic ark serving as punch cards for an ancient computer. As for the criticisms, they were far too many given the budget allocated for this film and the impressive track record that scriptwriter John Sheppard and director Michael Vejar had with the MacGyver series. The production had a decidedly British feel, which seemed immediately out of step with the series and lended itself to hysterical overacting by just about everyone, most notably Brian Blessed as Professor Atticus. College professor Kelly was an utter bore and villain Lord Cleave was also yawningly generic. The fact that the dialogue they were given was so lame, particularly in the final hour, didn't help matters. And while Atticus' original double cross was unpredictable and effectively done, it was idiotic to turn him back into a good guy only 10 minutes later. Logic failed elsewhere as well. For whatever reason, Atticus "wished he'd never heard of Atlantis" once they arrived at Thera and had no plans of heading into the caves to search for the treasure....until MacGyver found the platinum page in the ark, at which point they couldn't head to the caves fast enough. Why the immediate change of heart? The final scene in the volcano had its moments, but the revelation of Atlantis as being a single chest drawer full of paper scrolls submerged within a volcano was disappointing. The escape from the burning volcano wasn't bad, but failed to rise to the level of the best scenes from the series. I had high hopes for this to be "the greatest MacGyver adventure of all time", but the more I watch it and pick apart its multiple flaws, the more I feel it was a lost opportunity.

    Despite ABC slotting the film on Saturday night in its worst time slot, "Lost Treasure of Atlantis" managed a 9.1 rating, the best ABC had scored in the slot in a couple of years and quite possibly better than anything since. Still, I knew it needed to do better than that for ABC to insist upon the production of more MacGyver telefilms. Since that request was never made, it appears I was right.moreless
Geoffrey Beevers

Geoffrey Beevers

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Brian Blessed

Brian Blessed


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Oliver Ford Davies

Oliver Ford Davies

Professor Simon Carson

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  • TRIVIA (3)

    • No such conjunction of planets occurred anytime between 1962 and 2000. Even if it did, the gravitational force of any of the bodies involved other than the Moon would be non-existent, as mass and tidal force depends on the square and cube of the distance, respectively. All of the planets combined would at best only have a gravitational pull of 1.698% that of the Moon, or a tidal pull of .00575% of the Moon. This wouldn't affect volcanoes on Earth prior to the arrival of the Hecate meteor, as is shown here.

    • MacGyver asks who the "fella" is pictured on the Ark case at the academy, and Kelly identifies the representation as Hecate. Hecate is a female goddess.

    • MacGyver needs to relight a candle after accidentally blowing it out, but the close-up shows him lighting a clean, unused wick.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Atticus: (seeing MacGyver rig a gadget) That's neat.
      MacGyver: Neat?
      Atticus: Neat.

    • Atticus: Bravo. I always said you were my brightest student. If only you'd applied yourself at university...
      MacGyver: Professor!
      Atticus: Quite right. Carry on.

    • Kelly: It's been torn apart.
      MacGyver: All right, don't touch anything. I'll call the police.
      Atticus: Nonsense! This is how it always looks. A neat office is the product of an empty mind.

    • MacGyver: There's no key for the magneto switch.
      Kelly: That's what I was trying to tell you. I removed it so they couldn't take off with the artifacts.
      MacGyver: That's a great idea. Where is it?
      Kelly: Out there.
      MacGyver: That's a bad idea.

    • Atticus: The planets must be orbiting closer to the alignment.
      Kelly: Or the gravitational shift of the alignment's making the volcano unstable.
      MacGyver: I hate when that happens.

    • Atticus: Come on, MacGyver. Still dawdling after all these years? You haven't changed.
      MacGyver: What, you have? You're the only man I'd know who'd plan an archeological dig in the middle of a civil war.
      Atticus: Whatever happened to that eager young student at university who was so anxious to explore ancient ruins and solve the mysteries of the ages?
      MacGyver: He remembers his last experience with you!
      Atticus: (laughing) You're not still bothered by that minor mishap?
      MacGyver: We were buried alive! That's minor?!
      Atticus: If I've always taught you anything in university, it's that the search for truth is never easy, MacGyver.

    • Atticus: I could barely afford the telegram I sent asking you to come. I hated to deceive you like that, but I had no option. You must believe me. I was at the end of my rope, MacGyver. Oh, please understand, you were the only person I could turn to.
      MacGyver: Story of my life.

    • Atticus: Are you sure this'll work?
      MacGyver: No.
      Atticus: Good, that's the MacGyver I know!

    • Kelly: I didn't think you needed anyone's help.
      MacGyver: You'd be surprised.

    • Atticus: But finding the treasure of Atlantis means more than wealth. It would prove that Atlantis really did exist, and there were times when people didn't live by war and conquest, but worshiped peace and knowledge. And if we were like that once, maybe we can be like that again. Finding the treasure of Atlantis means more than wealth.

    • Kelly: Why should we help you?
      Cleeve: Because the length of your lives is directly proportionate to how useful you are to me.

  • NOTES (2)