Season 4 Episode 8

Ma Dalton

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 23, 1989 on ABC

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  • Very good episode, introducing two characters!!

    First of all we get to be introduced to Jesse Colton a cool bounty hunter that ends up helping MacGyver and friends and becomes a good friend of our hero. Most of all we get to see Jack Dalton's mother. Her reasons for leaving her child behind (when she was 17) are justified, since that time she tangled with the wrong people and now she wants to protect her offspring. We really see the tender side of Jack, one that we never saw before and it's nice because it gives more depth to this character. This show has it all, action, suspense, comedy, bad guys and emotion.
  • The introduction of flamboyant bounty hunter Jesse Colton was the only ingredient keeping this episode from being a complete bore.

    Few MacGyver episodes had as little going on in them as this one. The story in itself, where Jack Dalton seeks and finds his fugitive mother, wasn't necessarily bad, but there simply wasn't enough plot development to make an hourlong episode here. The spunky presence of Jesse Colton added a little bit of spice to the proceedings, which was desperately needed as even the usually energetic Jack Dalton was operating on cruise control through this one. The villain Arthur Bandel and his surrogates were all faceless corporate crooks who didn't seem the least bit worthy of putting up a capable fight against MacGyver's ingenuity....and the final scenes where MacGyver draws them out one by one by randomly flipping circuit breakers was weak. Francine's insistence on treating Jack with the utmost cruelty in their initial meeting as a way of "keeping Bandel away from him" didn't make alot of sense and I was also confused by Sparky's odd behavior while on the phone with the government agency for whom he planned to deliver the evidence against Bandel. This wasn't a horrible episode and would pass as a perfectly competent hour of action TV on a show like "Simon and Simon" or "Jake and the Fatman", but I expected a little better on MacGyver than this milquetoast offering. Audiences appeared to disagree, however, delivering the episode a 14.6 rating, its highest since March 1988.