Season 6 Episode 8

MacGyver's Women

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 12, 1990 on ABC

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  • The worst MacGyver episode, featuring dumb characters doing and saying dumb things in a pointless retread of season five's Western dream fantasy.

    Given my lukewarm response to season five's "Serenity", I didn't go into this episode with high expectations, but nothing could have prepared me for the degree of awful I was about to watch. The opening scene on MacGyver's houseboat with Maria, Kate Murphy, and Jenny was fairly silly in itself, but the episode devolved further when the dream sequence began. I knew I was in for a rough hour after seeing the hysterically awful acting by RDA in the scene with the Bozers and the mail order brides. The ensuing subplot involving MacGyver's inability to be turned on by naked women was awkward, and the distraction of Maria being wanted for murder went nowhere. There were a few funny lines here and there, the production values were spectacular, and MacGyver's last-second escape from hanging after the sign post broke was entertaining, but the few bright spots of this episode were easily overshadowed by the plentiful examples of atrocious acting and an idiotic final escape in which a bar full of bad guys spend 30 seconds shooting at a clearly visible tin can dangling outside the window on a rope, and then fail to get out the saloon for the next 30 seconds until Kid Curry comes and slides the door open for them. There were three MacGyver episodes at a near-tie for worst episode of all-time, but for me this one narrowly gets the dubious prize and comes as close to being an identifiable jump-the-shark moment as this series ever had.