Season 3 Episode 17

Mask of the Wolf

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 28, 1988 on ABC
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Jack Dalton and MacGyver help an elderly Indian when two crooks force him to lead them to a rare wolf mask.

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  • ok episode...

    Dalton wants to help his Indian friend Two Eagles find the wolf mask before he dies. Unfortunately, Two Eagles is catpured by theives which want the mask for themselves. He leaves Mac and Jack clues to find him. I didn't particularly like this episode. The acting wasn't very good and the story wasn't interesting. I liked the flashbacks and the link to the Indians of today and their problems with outsiders. The story was predictable and just not very interesting. The two bad guys were annoyng and bad actors . . . so, overall, just an ok, medicre episode of MacGyver.moreless
  • MacGyver, Jack Dalton, and ancient Native American wolf masks hidden in secluded caves in the snow. A recipe for high adventure and fun.

    MacGyver once again takes advantage of the new filming location to produce another woodsy adventure episode set in snowy British Columbia, this time involving ancient Native American legends and artifacts. The execution of the episode was pretty solid throughout, with such interesting detours as sled dogs and wolf masks hidden in secret caves. The cave scene was particularly impressive, with an imaginative escape from the trapdoor that included Jack's Indiana Jones-esque last second retrieval of his beloved pilot's hat. My only grievance with this episode was the pacing, which was at times slow, as is often the case with the high adventure episodes heavily reliant on dazzling visuals. The ending scene at Anna's place was also fairly anti-climactic given the more ambitious scenes earlier in the episode. Nonetheless, another outstanding effort at delivering mini-adventure movie fare on a weekly television budget.moreless

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    • Jack: What is it? You don't like eggs with chocolate sauce?
      Two Eagles: You make a better nurse than a chef.

    • Jack: Oh, come on, Mac. Where's your sense of adventure? What happened to that will o' the wisp guy I've come to know and love?
      MacGyver: He's skiing. At a resort, where the greatest danger is an overpopulated hot tub.

    • Jack: Well I didn't come here to be shunned. I wouldn't shun you. Why would you shun me? I hate being shunned.

    • Jack: Hey, we're not dead yet! MacGyver's going to get us out of here. Aren't you, MacGyver?
      MacGyver: (inspecting the barricade) Haven't got a clue.
      Jack: Mac, that's not like you.
      MacGyver: This door is over a foot thick!

    • Perry: It's not just the old man. The spirit of the wolf is part of my people.
      Grant: Aw, since when? Perry, you and I have been stealing beads and trinkets out of the graves of your people for three years.

    • Two Eagles: We are in Illacom's world now. He will decide my fate—and yours.

    • Perry: My father was a fool, like you. He followed the trap lines until he died in his tracks out here. That's not going to happen to me. I work for Grant. I drive a Camaro.
      Two Eagles: Bad trade for your soul.

    • Grant: We can make this a very unpleasant trip for you, Chief.
      Two Eagles: I'm too old to be afraid.
      Grant: Yeah, but you're not too old to be history.

    • Two Eagles: You would sell out your own people?
      Perry: What have they done for me lately? I look out for number one.

    • MacGyver: Do you want to call the police?
      Jack: Forget it. I already did.
      MacGyver: And?
      Jack: Well, I started talking about Two Eagles and a wolf mask; they treated me like a nutcase.

    • Grant: Did you hear that?
      Perry: The mask of Illacom. That thing's nothing more than old man talk.
      Grant: That's what they said about King Tut's tomb, until they found it.

    • Two Eagles: My time has passed. My people are scattered, lost. No one knows about the old ways anymore. The ways of the wolf spirit.
      Jack: So, you're a little down in the dumps...

    • MacGyver: Jack, you've gotta get out of this neighborhood.
      Jack: You go on home before they steal your tires.

    • MacGyver: Some people spend their lives trying to move up in the world. My friend Jack Dalton was at the top of that list. A dreamer who wakes up every morning with a new idea that'll rocket him to the top of the economic ladder. The trouble is, because he was always in such a big hurry to get there, he'd take the kind of shortcuts that would drop him a rung lower.

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