Season 3 Episode 17

Mask of the Wolf

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 28, 1988 on ABC

Episode Recap

Jack is down-and out after his most recent scheme and has MacGyver drop him off at home. As they arrive, they spot Jamie Two Eagles sitting on his porch. Muggers have attacked him and Jack offers to help. After MacGyver leaves, Jack fixed Two Eagles breakfast and the Indian elder brings out his "talking staff" given to him by his grandfather. His grandfather gave Two Eagles the staff and an eagle necklace when he was a child. Two Eagles explains that the markings on the staff lead to a sacred Kaqwani relic, the Mask of the Illacom, and he must go into the wilderness to see it before he dies. He asks Jack to help him.

Jack visits MacGyver and tries to convince him to help out. MacGyver is initially skeptical, and more so when he finds out Jack wants to take a few photos and write a story for a magazine. However, he soon gives in but insists on doing some research first. MacGyver and Jack go to the native Indian Education Center and find information on the Mask of the Illacom. As they discuss it, two men, Grant and Perry, overhear them and take an interest. MacGyver drops Jack off at Two Eagles' house and goes to get some equipment, and Grant and Perry break in, knock out Jack, and take Two Eagles and the staff.

When MacGyver returns, Jack tells him what happened. He's already called the police but the Kaqwani Reservation is out of their jurisdiction. Going on the directions that Two Eagle mentioned to Jack, they start driving overnight to catch up. Meanwhile, Grant and Perry head for the reservation with Two Eagles. As they drive, Two Eagles initially refuses to help them at all but Grant has snowmobiles they can rent to head into the wilderness.

The next morning, the criminals arrive at the trail leading into the woods. Two Eagles still refuses to help. Grant prepares to shoot him but Perry, a Native American, intervenes. However, he admits to Two Eagles that his father died working trap lines on the reservation and respecting his culture hasn't gotten him anything. They head into the woods on the snowmobiles and Two Eagles manages to secretly leave his eagle necklace hanging on a branch.

Jack and MacGyver find the trail entrance and spot the necklace. They take it with them and head into the woods on food. According to Two Eagles' directions, the trail will lead to the Kaqwani worship grounds.

Anna, a local who owns a supply store, notices Grant, Perry, and Two Eagles as they drive by on the snowmobiles.

The criminals arrive at the Kaqwani worship grounds and Two Eagles clears the snow from an eagle totem that points the way to the Cave of the Wolf where the Illacom Mask is located. He suddenly starts cooperating, telling the crooks how to get there. Perry notices that Two Eagles's necklace is missing and wonders why he's so suddenly so cooperative. He warns them that their fate and his are now in the hands of the Illacom. They continue on the snowmobiles as a gray wolf watches them from the forest.

Jack and MacGyver arrive at Anna's Place and tell her about Two Eagles. She knows him and recognizes his eagle necklace. She loans them a dog sled so they can make better time through the woods.

Two Eagles leads the men to the Cave of the Wolf and gives them one final chance to leave. Perry is nervous but Grant refuses to give in. They enter the cave and Two Eagles reveals a secret passage blocked by a stone on rollers. He removes the wooden pin that functions as a locking mechanism and they enter the chamber beyond, a cave filled with totem poles. On one of them rests the Mask of Illacom.

MacGyver and Jack arrive at the worship grounds and notice the eagle totem. As they follow the snowmobile tracks, MacGyver worries that since the criminals casually drove by Anna's store, they plan to eliminate Two Eagles once they get the Mask.

Grant and Perry start to remove the Mask of Illacom from the wooden shaft within the totem pole that holds it in place. Once the Mask is removed, the pole starts to descend and the cave supports start to give in. Grant quickly jams the shaft with his hunting knife and stops Two Eagles when he tries to pry the knife loose and trap them all. Grant knocks him out and prepares to shoot him, but Perry convinces him to let the cold and the wolves finish him off. Grant agrees and Perry ties him up.

Jack and MacGyver arrive at the cave and watch from hiding as the criminals prepare to leave with the Mask. Perry finally tries to back out and return the Mask but Grant assures him he'll feel like his old self once they're out of the reservation grounds. After they leave, MacGyver and Jack go into the cave and find the totem chamber. They help Two Eagles recover consciousness and he explains that he tried to seal in himself and the intruders. They start to cut him free and Jack pulls free Grant's knife. The support pole descends and sand pours out of an opening in the wall. A huge barricade seals off the chamber.

As MacGyver tries to figure a way out, Two Eagles casts sacred powders into the flames to prepare for their deaths. MacGyver realizes the powder is made up of copper and zinc and packs it into the shaft where the sand fell out. When it ignites, the explosion will push the support back up enough for them to brace it.

Perry and Grant arrive at the worship grounds and Perry's snowmobile runs out of gas. He remembers Two Eagles' warning and wonders if they're cursed. Grant gives him a ride to Anna's Place so they can get gas for the snowmobile.

MacGyver has Two Eagles ignite the powder packed into the shaft chamber while he and Jack brace the barricade open with a board. They manage to get underneath it before the board breaks and the barricade reseals the chamber.

At Anna's place, Grant and Perry offer to buy some gas. However, they spot Two Eagles' necklace and realize someone followed them. Meanwhile, Jack, MacGyver, and Two Eagles arrive at the worship grounds and spot Perry's snowmobile, and figure the criminals will head for Anna's Place to get gas.

Grant and Perry spot an approaching dog sled with one man driving it. Grant prepares to shoot the sled driver but Perry finally takes a stand and tries to stop him. He shoves Grant outside but Grant shoots him. Grant then turns and shoots the driver, only to discover it's a dummy: snow packed into a parka. Jack and MacGyver are hiding atop the store. They jump down and knock Grant out. They check on Perry, who is only grazed, and Two Eagles tells him that he's recovered his soul. They hear a howling noise and look outside to see a gray wolf returning to the forest.