Season 3 Episode 17

Mask of the Wolf

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 28, 1988 on ABC

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  • ok episode...

    Dalton wants to help his Indian friend Two Eagles find the wolf mask before he dies. Unfortunately, Two Eagles is catpured by theives which want the mask for themselves. He leaves Mac and Jack clues to find him. I didn't particularly like this episode. The acting wasn't very good and the story wasn't interesting. I liked the flashbacks and the link to the Indians of today and their problems with outsiders. The story was predictable and just not very interesting. The two bad guys were annoyng and bad actors . . . so, overall, just an ok, medicre episode of MacGyver.
  • MacGyver, Jack Dalton, and ancient Native American wolf masks hidden in secluded caves in the snow. A recipe for high adventure and fun.

    MacGyver once again takes advantage of the new filming location to produce another woodsy adventure episode set in snowy British Columbia, this time involving ancient Native American legends and artifacts. The execution of the episode was pretty solid throughout, with such interesting detours as sled dogs and wolf masks hidden in secret caves. The cave scene was particularly impressive, with an imaginative escape from the trapdoor that included Jack's Indiana Jones-esque last second retrieval of his beloved pilot's hat. My only grievance with this episode was the pacing, which was at times slow, as is often the case with the high adventure episodes heavily reliant on dazzling visuals. The ending scene at Anna's place was also fairly anti-climactic given the more ambitious scenes earlier in the episode. Nonetheless, another outstanding effort at delivering mini-adventure movie fare on a weekly television budget.