Season 3 Episode 17

Mask of the Wolf

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 28, 1988 on ABC



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    • Jack: What is it? You don't like eggs with chocolate sauce?
      Two Eagles: You make a better nurse than a chef.

    • Jack: Oh, come on, Mac. Where's your sense of adventure? What happened to that will o' the wisp guy I've come to know and love?
      MacGyver: He's skiing. At a resort, where the greatest danger is an overpopulated hot tub.

    • Jack: Well I didn't come here to be shunned. I wouldn't shun you. Why would you shun me? I hate being shunned.

    • Jack: Hey, we're not dead yet! MacGyver's going to get us out of here. Aren't you, MacGyver?
      MacGyver: (inspecting the barricade) Haven't got a clue.
      Jack: Mac, that's not like you.
      MacGyver: This door is over a foot thick!

    • Perry: It's not just the old man. The spirit of the wolf is part of my people.
      Grant: Aw, since when? Perry, you and I have been stealing beads and trinkets out of the graves of your people for three years.

    • Two Eagles: We are in Illacom's world now. He will decide my fate—and yours.

    • Perry: My father was a fool, like you. He followed the trap lines until he died in his tracks out here. That's not going to happen to me. I work for Grant. I drive a Camaro.
      Two Eagles: Bad trade for your soul.

    • Grant: We can make this a very unpleasant trip for you, Chief.
      Two Eagles: I'm too old to be afraid.
      Grant: Yeah, but you're not too old to be history.

    • Two Eagles: You would sell out your own people?
      Perry: What have they done for me lately? I look out for number one.

    • MacGyver: Do you want to call the police?
      Jack: Forget it. I already did.
      MacGyver: And?
      Jack: Well, I started talking about Two Eagles and a wolf mask; they treated me like a nutcase.

    • Grant: Did you hear that?
      Perry: The mask of Illacom. That thing's nothing more than old man talk.
      Grant: That's what they said about King Tut's tomb, until they found it.

    • Two Eagles: My time has passed. My people are scattered, lost. No one knows about the old ways anymore. The ways of the wolf spirit.
      Jack: So, you're a little down in the dumps...

    • MacGyver: Jack, you've gotta get out of this neighborhood.
      Jack: You go on home before they steal your tires.

    • MacGyver: Some people spend their lives trying to move up in the world. My friend Jack Dalton was at the top of that list. A dreamer who wakes up every morning with a new idea that'll rocket him to the top of the economic ladder. The trouble is, because he was always in such a big hurry to get there, he'd take the kind of shortcuts that would drop him a rung lower.

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