Season 3 Episode 20

Murderers' Sky

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 09, 1988 on ABC

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  • A great way to end a great season.....and Tia Carrere decked out in a bathing suit didn't hurt either.

    MacGyver ventures into new territory once again with the Phoenix Foundation providing security (although sometimes it worked out the other way around) for the teenage heir of an Asian distribution company sought after by a ruthless Hong Kong cartel willing to snuff the kid out to get their hands on the company. Ernie Reyes, Jr., who was always entertaining as the precocious ninja kid on ABC's "Sidekicks" the year before, proved to have a great ying/yang buddy chemistry with MacGyver. The action was exciting and consistent throughout the hour, featuring a nice gratuitous swimsuit shot of Tia Carrere following her hit on Luke's grandfather, the well-choreographed parking lot mugging gone awry, and my personal favorite, the scene with the poison dart-spouting birdcage and subsequent uncovering of a king cobra in Tia Carrere's purse. The lavishly over-the-top fun culminated in an awesome final scene in the tunnels underneath the streets of Vancouver and Mac and Luke disguising themselves as part of the rock to surprise the baddies when they caught up to them. The episode had so many things going for it that I'm kind of surprised Ernie Reyes, Jr. wasn't beckoned for an encore appearance.

    MacGyver ended its third season with a flourish, finishing 21st place for the week in May 1988, but the series was about to face more obstacles as ABC would move the series to Sunday nights for summer reruns, where it would get the worst ratings the series ever had up to that point up against "Murder, She Wrote" and "Family Ties", both in the top-20. Making matters worse, summer rerun season would extra long in 1988 because of a writers' strike, meaning "MacGyver" would once again have alot of ground to make up in the fall of 1988 when it returned for season four.