Season 3 Episode 20

Murderers' Sky

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 09, 1988 on ABC

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  • Chinese Connection

    This is a Macgyver episode I've watched so many times I never get bored of it, has a cleever and slightly complex plot where scummy racketeers want to expand and monopolize their corrupt business emipire and their next target is a shiping company and once again The Phenix Foundation are their last line of defense. Both Macguyver and Luke (Ernie Reyes Jr) really are a good team together it's almost a brains and brawns like relationship (similar to Artimis Gordon and Jim West in Wild Wild West). Luke is a good characters his story is sort of a fish out of water story, who knows more of less about the outside world but is level headed though even in the most dangerous sittuations. But one of the main reason why I like the episode are in the moments, from Tia Carrere (hot as usual) playing a sausy bad guy, the usual sticky sittuations and solutions to them like Mac haveing a close call with a Cobra and Luke using a dart and making a direct hit with a posionous dart and then both Mac and Luke making a camaflashe tarp in an oppium lab. But most of all my very favorate scene was the fight in the parking lot seeing Mac use Arnise Stick Fighting and Luke Tai-Kuon-Do against a gang that litterally outnumber them but Mac and Luke kick their butts, that scene was cool. It's a shame both Tia Carrere and Ernie Reyes Jr weren't on the show often after this, I would of loved to see an episode or two more with them. But that's how the show goes, so I recomend giving this episode a try it's a kick.
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