Season 3 Episode 20

Murderers' Sky

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 09, 1988 on ABC



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    • MacGyver: Are you familiar with the history of the Chinese in this country?
      Luke: Somewhat, I know they first came here as laborers.
      MacGyver: Yeah, they helped build the railroad. They were poorly paid and badly treated. And every once in a while, a bunch of vigilantes would try to show them who's boss.

    • Raymond: He will be as stubborn as his grandfather.
      Alasdair: If he is, he'll be just as dead.

    • Luke: In my grandfather's country, they say a man should not live under the same sky as his father's murderers.

    • Luke: (wearing a suit) So, what do you think?
      Pete: It looks perfect.
      MacGyver: Well, I don't know if "perfect"'s quite the word for it.
      Pete: What's wrong with it?
      MacGyver: He's wearing a tie.
      Pete: Well, what's wrong with a tie?
      MacGyver: It's a tie.

    • Luke: I've already learned so much. Especially from you, MacGyver.
      MacGyver: Yeah? What have you learned?
      Luke: I've learned... that I've got a lot to learn.

    • Luke: How do you know so much, MacGyver?
      MacGyver: Tell you what, Luke. I'll make a deal with you: I'll teach you about the principles of sonar, you teach me about jher-jun.

    • MacGyver: Now some men have hurt him. There's s reason to believe they may try to hurt you as well.
      Luke: But you came to get me, to take me to him.
      MacGyver: I came here to give you a choice.

    • Pete: A cartel is a little bit like a shadow government; it's very hard to tell who's running it.

    • Mr. Chung: Thank you, Raymond. But the vice-president of the company doesn't have to bring me tea, you know.
      Raymond: No, but a friend can.

  • Notes

    • The credits include an acknowledgement to the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Classical Garden.

    • The German episode title is "Der letzte der Familie Chung", meaning "Last of the Chung Family". The Finnish episode title is "murhaajat liikkeellä", meaning "Murderers Afloat". The French episode title is "Le dragon de jade". The Italian episode title is "Un ragazzo per amico", meaning "A Boyfriend for a Friend".

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