Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 15, 1986 on ABC

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  • Macgvver gets poisoned and drugged when a secret list he has must be protected at all times.

    See a lot of reviews here, so this episode is popular. I would say maybe the best episode out of the first season.

    MacGyver's adventures while enjoyable are over the top and at times silly. The writers presented a couple of different scenarios to make MacGyver look really human.

    Macgyver is to meet up with Pete to deliver a secret list. He and Pete notice trouble when a couple of hired men come out to kill him.

    Macgyver successfully hides the list but is captured himself. He is drugged and escape, but he has to come back to these lowiifes because they have the antidote to keep him alive.

    Like I said, this episode is a really great attempt to make MacGyver's adventures realistic and human.

    While MacGyver has displayed great intelligence and intellect throughout the series, he falls for a really cheap trick when he asks a policeman for help who turns out to be a villain.

    MacGyver is drugged and poisoned. He escapes but is a mess. MacGyver's hope hang on a young girl he made friends with Lisa.

    Beautiful young, Tammy Lauren, already having acted in shows like "Facts of Life" puts on a convincing performance as a teenage runaway.

    Lisa helps out MacGyver until he builds a plan to get the antidote.

    It's a different adventure for MacGyver, it's interesting to see him so battered and beaten. Richard Dean Anderson pulls of a convincing performance as well.

    I consider it one of the best episodes from early seasons.