Season 2 Episode 16

Out in the Cold

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 16, 1987 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Avalanches at ski resorts don't occur as easily as seen here. Marked ski runs are deliberately built clear of potential risk areas. Any ski resort (and the nearby town as well) that could be devastated by an avalanche caused by a single gunshot simply wouldn't have been built in the first place. Even if extreme weather conditions made an avalanche as likely as seen here, the ski resort would have been closed.

  • Quotes

    • Pete: You know, if you want to stay up here the rest of the week, that's fine. But I think I'm going to go home.
      MacGyver: I thought your house was being fumigated.
      Pete: Well, it is. But if I'm going to die anyway, I might as well be comfortable when I go.

    • MacGyver: There's something special about the last run of the day. The slopes aren't so crowded, the shadows are longer, and it's sort of peaceful out there.

    • Ski Patrolwoman: I hate to have to tell you this, but only 1 out of 25 survive an avalanche.
      Pete: MacGyver will be the one!

    • Pete: Boy, don't you ever dust this place?
      MacGyver: Twice a year, like clockwork.

    • Pete: I don't understand why you would want to run a clock on potatoes.
      MacGyver: I tried tomatoes, but it ran fast.

    • MacGyver: Tofu casserole.
      Pete: Tofu? Look, I cannot eat 1,200 beans that have been battered beyond recognition.

    • Willie: That's twice you let him get away.
      Jack: What are you, a scorekeeper?!?

    • Pete: Boy, am I glad to see you. They were going to put me in that spin dryer.
      MacGyver: Well, we couldn't let 'em do that. You might shrink.

    • MacGyver: Steppin' into a pair of skis and pointing them straight downhill may be as close as you can get to flying... without completely leaving the ground. Every winter, millions of people enjoy being out on the slopes. You might not think Pete Thornton would be one of them, (Pete skis poorly and falls) and you'd be right.

    • MacGyver: If you don't have the right equipment for the job, you just have to make it yourself.

    • Pete: (to MacGyver) You know, I hope I don't have to stay here very long. Living with you is no picnic!

  • Notes

    • This is the second of Michael Constantine's two, unrelated appearances on MacGyver. He can also be seen in season one's "Thief of Budapest".

    • The German episode title is "Wintersport ist Mord", meaning "Winter Sports are Murder". The Finnish episode title is "Lumivyöry", and the Italian episode title is "La valanga", meaning "Avalanche". The French episode title is "L'avalanche".

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